And relax...!

Sunflowerfest strives to foster a sense of community and connection ‘both during the festival and at Tubby's Farm throughout the year’. Through our dedicated ‘Bliss Holistic & Wellbeing’ area people from all walks of life can enjoy yoga, meditation, interactive and educational workshops as well as inspirational talks from individuals who share creative, health and environmental interests. Set aside as something of a holistic ‘microfestival’, the Bliss Area aims to promote individual well-being through activities, programmes and events across the weekend.

Each year, the event becomes the perfect time for individuals and families to come together, try something new, nurture the mind, body and spirit. You can experience well-being talks and activities such as: Sound Bath relaxation sessions, natural therapies, drum circles, meditation, Tai Chi and Laughter Yoga (Sunflowerfest set the Guinness World Record for most participants in 2014)

Bliss will highlight a range of natural therapies; creativity and wellbeing; crafts; products; workshops; yoga; Tai Chi; dance; fitness; readings; Healthy Kids area; performances; experiences and activities; offering time-out to festival goers as well as promoting a healthy way of life.

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