We want you to have most amazing Sunflowerfest experience possible so we recommend Camping on site for the full weekend. Whether this is your first camping trip ever or you are a seasoned pro the festival offers an unforgettable camping experience framed by some of the most beautiful natural surroundings Northern Ireland has to offer.

Since 2002, we’ve rejuvenated Tubby’s Farm by planting thousands of trees and nurturing the earth. The birdlife and wildlife are now both varied and abundant, and the farm is stunningly beautiful as a result. As a festival, we want nothing more than to share this amazing natural landscape and our love of nature – hoping that in doing so we can help increase appreciation and awareness of environmental issues and sustainability.

Weekend camping tickets allow entry to the campsites from Friday 27th July until Monday 30th July 2018 and access to the festival site throughout the weekend. Weekend tickets allow unlimited re-entry to and from the festival site once the ticket is exchanged for a wristband.

**Please note that your BYO alcohol allowance can only be brought in by those with camping tickets (not day visitors) on their initial entry to the site and at no other time.

Campsites are open at the following times...


  • The Campervan site is open for load-in between 17:00 and 20:00 on the Thursday before the festival
  • This is the only time that campervans will be permitted entry to the site

Family Camping Areas

  • 11:00 on Friday
  • Gates will open at this time for Family Camping ticket holders only

General Camping Areas

  • 12:00 midday on Friday.

Additional Information

  • You are not required to arrive on Friday, you can arrive at any time the gates are open over the weekend
  • Gates open at 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday for all visitors
  • Gates are closed to new visitors coming in at 21:00 each day
  • Day ticket holders are not permitted in the campsites and must vacate the site by 01:00 on Friday & Saturday nights and 23:30 on Sunday night
  • All campers must vacate the site by 12.00 midday on the Monday after the festival
  • Campervans and caravans must not attempt to exit the site before 09:00 on the Monday after the festival

What camping options are there?

We have 4 camping options at Sunflowerfest

  1. General Camping Areas
  2. Family Camping Areas
  3. Campervan Area
  4. Glamping Area


What if I don’t want to camp, can I still attend the festival?

Yes, of course. We’d love you to join us at the festival and offer a range of non-camping tickets. Our full list of pricing options are available on our tickets page.

Will there be ACCESS camping and/or facilities?

Sunflowerfest is an all-inclusive festival and we encourage anyone with a disability or special needs to contact us ahead of the festival so that we are prepared to welcome you. Should you, a friend or family member wish to visit the festival site before the festival, please contact us to arrange a time.

All enquiries should be emailed to:

Accessible toilets will be present throughout the festival site.

In addition, our dedicated staff will be available, both in the car park and on the festival site to provide you with any assistance you may require.

What facilities will be available in the campsites?

Accessible and regular toilets will be available in each campsite and throughout the entire site. There will also be a dedicated hot shower block located within the Family Campsite beside the Sunflower Village and also in the Rowdy Campsite. All facilities will be clearly signposted and can also be found on the sitemap which will be available online and displayed onsite.

How far is it from the car park to the campsite?

The car park is only a short walk away from the main entrance. The first family campsite is located at this entrance. The furthest campsite is approximately 500 metres from the main entrance.

The shuttle bus drop-off point is 200 metres from the main entrance.

How do I get my gear from car park to the campsite?

If you do not wish to carry your own gear there will be a trolley hire service operated by our charity partner RSPB NI with all proceeds going to help their 'finding nature a home' campaign. You can also ask any of our dedicated volunteers to assist you. They will be wearing yellow visibility jackets. Our advice for all festival goers is to pack lightly and bring only your essentials.

Are there secure lockers for personal belongings?

No, not at this time.

Can I bring a gazebo/canopy?

No, gazebos and canopies are not allowed in the campsites.

Is there a space where I can barbeque?

Yes, there will be a cordoned off area within the campsites where portable barbeques are permitted. YOU MAY ONLY BBQ IN THIS DESIGNATED AREA.

Can I bring gas canisters onsite?

No gas canisters or open fires are permitted onsite. There is a designated area within the campsite where portable barbeques are allowed.

Is there anywhere else I can stay?

A list of alternative sources of accommodation is available here.


What General Camping options are available?

We have four dedicated Non-Family Campsites which are accessible to those with a General Camping Wristband.

We designate the largest of these campsites to be our Rowdy Campsite which will operate on a first come first served basis.

What type of ticket must I purchase?

Each adult is required to have a General Weekend Camping Ticket.

16 & 17 year olds who wish to camp must camp in Family Camping and be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 25+.

Can I visit my friends in Family Camping?

No, only adults attending the festival with their families and children may access the Family Camping Areas.

Are children allowed in General Camping?

No, only adults with a General Camping Wristband may access General Campsites. Children are not allowed access.


What Family Camping options are available?

We have three dedicated family campsites which are accessible only to those with a Family Camping Wristband. There will also be dedicated Family Areas within the Campervan and Glamping Areas.

Stewards will be stationed at the entrance to the Family Campsites to ensure only family members are entering the campsite and that no unattended children leave the campsite.

What type of ticket must I purchase for my family?

As of 2018 every person, both adults and children, require a barcoded ticket to gain access to the Sunflowerfest. Each adult is required to have a Family Camping Ticket and be accompanied by at least one child in order to be issued a Family Camping Wristband. Each child also requires an appropriate Kid or Teen Ticket.

Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 or over at all times.
16 & 17 year olds who wish to camp must camp in Family Camping and be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 25 or over at all times.

Please bring proof of age (birth certificate/passport) for any child who looks older than their years. Teenagers may be asked for ID. If the person’s age cannot be verified then they will be required to pay for an adult ticket to gain entry.

How many children can you bring camping?

Each Adult may be accompanied by up to 2 children.
Each child requires an appropriate ticket.


Some people camp... cool people campervan

Those with Campervan tickets are allowed access to the Campervan field on the Thursday before the festival between 17:00 and 20:00 and to the festival arena from 11:00 on Friday.

Load in for Campervans is from 17:00 until 20:00 on the Thursday before the festival. If you arrive outside these times you will be refused entry. This is due to the road access to that part of the site and we must strictly adhere to these times. But you do get an extra night"s camping for free!

You must not leave with your campervan until 09:00 on the Monday after the festivl for the same road access reasons.

No entry to the festival arena until Friday at 11:00.

You must purchase a supplementary Campervan ticket which will be swapped for campervan wristbands for everybody in your group and only people with campervan wristbands will be permitted entry into the campervan field. This supplementary ticket covers access to the campervan field only. Each person in your group must also have a weekend-camping Festival ticket.

Our Campervan area has serviced toilets and water.

Your campervan will be searched on entry. No glass allowed and it will be confiscated if found.

You will be given 5 metres between campervans for fire safety, you can put your awnings/canopies up in this area. Tents are not permitted anywhere in the campervan field

Please speak to the Campervan field Stewards if you have any questions or problems, the Steward area will be very recognisable. This is also where you get your wrist bands.

Can I bring a trailer-tent or caravan?

Trailer-tents and caravans are permitted in the Campervan area with a campervan supplementary ticket. Your towing vehicle must be parked in the main carpark after your caravan or trailer-tent has been sited.

Can I park my car in the Campervan Area?

No. Cars are not permitted into any of the campsites or the campervan area.

Is there an electric hook-up for my campervan?

Not at this time.

Can I bring a generator for my camper van?

No. Generators are prohibited on the festival grounds.

Is it possible to use a commercial style van (Hi-ace, Transit, etc.) in the campervan area if I have a campervan ticket?

Ordinary commercial vans of any type will not be permitted in the campervan area so please do not purchase a campervan ticket for anything other than a purpose built or adapted live-in vehicle. We define this as having it's own in-built sleeping and kitchen facilities.

Does everybody in my group need to purchase a campervan supplementary ticket?

Only ONE campervan supplementary ticket is required per campervan. Everyone in your group will need their own weekend-camping Festival tickets though.

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