Little adventurers are the future!

Welcome once again to the Kidszone! An area created for doodlers, day dreamers and messers to hang out & have fun at Sunflowerfest. The KZ is a safe space for small kids and big kids alike. We have a schedule packed with arts, crafts, music, storytelling and so much more, so there's something for everyone!

In the Kidszone we believe that the festival experience is as important to kids as it is to everyone else and we try to make that experience as exciting, educational and interactive as possible. We want kids to play, participate, try out something new then come back again to show off how good they are at it! So maybe expect some messy hands but a lot of happy faces.

In the past we have had W5, Armagh Observatory, Little Stitches Sewing Workshops, Willow Sculpting, we've made a dramatic viking ship, along with aliens and galaxies - who knows what we will be building this year…

These are just tasters of some of the wonderous things that happen in the Kidszone.

Kidszone Essential Info

The Kidszone will be open 11:00am-7:00pm on Friday, 10:00am-7:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am-7:00pm on Sunday. Outside of these times, the Kidszone will be locked and no entry is permitted.

Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times when inside the Kidszone. This is for your child's safety.

Alcohol is not permitted in the Kidszone. Alcohol can be left in the KZHQ tent beside the entrance, and collected upon exit.

We really hope you and your little ones enjoy everything that Sunflowerfest has to offer.

And always remember.. Sunflowerfest is good for you

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