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Chris Keys

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Later this year, award-winning Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Chris Keys, releases his debut album. It is the culmination of 10 years of hard work and investment in his talent. In many ways his work is a microcosm of the country of his birth; it is artistry and industry, a mixture of classic Irish storytelling and musicality blended with a typical Ulsterman's rugged self-sufficiency and work ethic.

Keys isn't one to sit back and rest on his laurels, his focus is always ahead. But, if he did take the time to glance at his past, there would be much to be admired. His musical output includes the E.P.'s, 'New Day and 'View From a Satellite', and recent singles, 'Tonight', 'You', 'I'll Be Home', 'City Lights' and, his latest, 'Under the Streetlight'. Each song exhibits all that is good about Keys - his keen eye for a story, his ability to convert that story into lyrics, his keen ear for a tune and then, atop it all, is that sandpaper-smooth voice. The other feature of Key's output is t