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Citizen Nobody

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Born during war times under a blood red sky and coming from both sides of their divided city, Citizen Nobody stand to show that all division, nationalistic, religious or otherwise can be transcended through a sense of mutual respect, cooperation and commonality of understanding. Citizen Nobody do not play music for fame neither do they have any interest in celebrity or popular culture nor in the elitist subservient pretentious conservatism of the artistic establishment that has lost all relevance to people lives and to the times in which we live. Citizen Nobody refuses to allow the dominant culture to deny them their voice and they seek through music to give voice to themselves in a seemingly voiceless society.

Citizen Nobody are a three piece rock n rowl band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently preparing to release their self-titled, self-produced debut album on Ram Alley Records. The album was recorded at Ram Alley studios in the centre of Belfast over a period of three days with the intention of making minimalist music played live in the same room at the same time without a click track that is centred on the idea of capturing the energy of a performance of musicians in a room together rather than a perfect take. To accentuate limitations and flaws rather than seeking to attenuate or conceal them.

Seeking to sing songs that attempt to explore the death of the sensual in an alienated world of disembodiment and spiritual disconnection from nature - Citizen Nobody stands against the dominant culture of corporate fascism and subservience to the psychopathic political, economic and religious systems and their self-serving leaders that have come to dominate the lives of all the creatures on this planet in such a destructive way that has rendered people with a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. Citizen Nobody believes that people have power and that hope is a beautiful flower of the earth.