2017 Lineup


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Newry isn't an area renowned for its techno scene but in Clockwork, a group of mates have developed an event based in the iconic Narrow Water Castle, which focuses on great music and great atmosphere. While techno is at the core of what they do, Clockwork showcase an environment of diverse sound in which genre restriction is non-existent, evident in both their events and eclectic Timeless podcast series. In doing so, every event feels like a care free party, ignoring the pretension often associated with music and instead concentrating on creating a memorable evening for all involved. What drives Clockwork forward is their willingness and passion to learn and evolve, improving with every gig. Posing isn't accepted at a Clockwork party, just lots of smiles and boogying.

These guys have been on the scene for less than a year, but by focusing on what's really important, the music, there is nothing to stop them from becoming a key player in an ever growing Irish music scene.