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Decomposing In Paris

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Decomposing In Paris is a trio from Belfast that blends Kate Bush, Bjork & Bob Dylan with a whole graveyard full of other influences, to create a brand of atmospheric experimental pop that has seen them nominated for "Best Irish Act" by Pure M Magazine & "The Next Big Thing" by Hot Press Magazine.

"Belfast trio Decomposing In Paris are purveyors of piano-driven pop of the experimental, atmospheric variety. Led by captivating vocalist, lyricist and born star Becca Hopkins, one can see why this outfit have been likened to established greats such as Bjork. Whilst Hopkins' skewed, though ultimately intoxicating worldview is the most immediately striking quality of their work, their nuanced sound owes no small amount to the virtuoso playing of classically trained pianist and composer Aoife Lynch. Also notable is the stellar axemanship and behind-the-scenes knob twiddling of guitarist and producer Garvin Clements. Something special is brewing.",

- Hot Press Magazine (Vol:38 Issue:08 May 14. 2014)

"Really, really, really like that!".."Amazing tunes".."Absolutely stunning session tracks".. "Also the fastest session we've ever recorded, they just did them, no mistakes",

- Rory McConnell, BBC Introducing

"This month I also had the incredible experience of catching Decomposing in Paris live at the Menagerie in Belfast - after reviewing their EP a few months back I was in no way prepared for the live set. It was in all intents and purposes the most interesting thing I have ever witnessed on stage (And I have seen many a strange thing) from winged costumes, to ripping up flowers and tango dancing my mind was curious to what would happen next at each turn. I was certainly entertained and they are a band that would have to be seen to be believed, but as like their EP the vocals were surprisingly note perfect and they are - if nothing - completely different from anything else happening in Northern Ireland at the moment.",

- Dorothy Lawrence, www.clashmusic.com