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Electric Octopus

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Electric Octopus are a three piece, instrumental jam band with a unique sound and musical approach! With everything being improvised, each performance brings a new and exciting experience. With a blend of funk, jazz, blues, rock and everything in between, theres something for everyone.

After the release of their debut album 'This Is Our Culture' in 2016, the band has gained a large worldwide following, with the album now reaching almost one million views, their fanbase is growing faster than ever!

"Dripping with breezy hazed reverb and fuzzed out historic references, both in jazz and psychedelia, Electric Octopus have found the key to open doors that've gone unnoticed for too long. The trio lay down a bit of hipness layered with psych, cool jazz and extended jams. They've done something others so easily fail at with their innate ability to find the center, build around it, spiral out and swoop back in giving a feeling of flight and etherial delight." It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine