2017 Lineup

Warriors of the Dystotheque

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The stale state of affairs in the modern music industry, coupled with the individuals empowerment of the internet, has blown open the doors to unconventional approaches to music.

Warriors of the Dystotheque grew from an Anti Social network love of lo-fi music and electronic Dj culture between artists spread across Ireland France and New York. Style has no limit, these guys take in elements from 60's garage, broken beat, jazz, downtempo, house, techno, electronica, noise, psyche, and pretty much anything that opposes the mainstream, beige, cliches of modern music.

WotD are composed of DJ / Producer / Engineers/ Musicians Jonny Mac, Derry / Ireland SeanGraham, Coventry / UK & Toulon / France & The Brothers Nylon Mike and Nick Rufolo NYC / USA.

Their backgrounds have fed into a decade of touring gigs and collaborations with acclaimed artists from such bands as Orbital, The Prodigy, The Happy Mondays, Pop Will Eat Itself, EMF, Shawn Lee & more, major support on BBC 6 R1 RTE & more.