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Every year, at most festivals world-wide, a lot of stuff gets left behind. We're no strangers to this at Sunflowerfest, especially after Northern Ireland's only three-day, interactive celebration of music, interactive arts and storytelling. A lot of stuff does get left behind: food and drink, general rubbish and for our rowdy singles campsite, trace amounts of dignity.

Thankfully, we always keep our eco-friendly ethos close to our hearts and every year our dedicated volunteers help us tidy up. We recycle everything we can and Tubby's Farm returns to a beautiful community garden again by the very next week.

But one problem that's tougher to solve are the non-recyclables and more specifically abandoned tents. We know you've been there. It's the morning after day three and taking down that tent you bought last-minute becomes a lot more like wrestling a wild animal. The whole process seems infinitely more complicated now, there are pegs everywhere, there's no way this thing fitted into that tiny tent bag to begin with, did it? So, you take the path of least resistance.

Our Dutch friends at Kartent tell us that 1 out of 4 people leave their tent behind on various festival campsites worldwide. And while we don't exactly know the math, we do know that our global festival family leave behind approximately seven billion tents each year…

Alright, well maybe not that many. But ideally we'd like our family-friendly festival to leave no environmental impact at all. Synthetic tents are usually made up of 30-or-more materials, and when our unclaimed tents get sent to the rubbish heap this is not good news for the environment.

But, our friends at KarTent have come up with a solution. KarTent are 100% percent recyclable, cardboard tents. Yes, you read that right - cardboard tents! They fit two people, measure at a comfy 2.2 x 1.5 metres and weigh a sturdy sixteen kilograms (so you won't have to worry about your accommodation blowing away).

We know what your first concern would be with a cardboard tent, especially our Northern Irish festival-goers, what about the rain. Well, KarTent have produced a tent that's not only easily recyclable but also water-resistant. They tell us they've had a tent last for 2 and a half months in the elements. And the material, no ordinary cardboard but a high-quality CCM called kraftliner, is actually a fantastic insulator. This means you'll be able to block out the early morning sun, the whole family can get a lie in before another day of festival fun and, yes, you'll even be able to block out that guy singing Free Fallin' at 3am this year. What's not to like?