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Sunflowerfest - News - Last chance to volunteer for Sunflowerfest 2017
Sunflowerfest - News - Volunteers - Artist at work
Sunflowerfest - News - Volunteers - Rigging and clearing
Sunflowerfest - News - Volunteers - Meeting al fresco


Whilst our most public offering each year is the festival our interest in community is much more than that. It is a wide reaching creative community and our volunteers are at the very core of that idea. Without this team of dedicated individuals Sunflowerfest simply could not happen each year. It takes all sorts of people to prepare and manage an event of this scale and experience isn't always the most important thing, nor is youth. We are always in need of people who are keen to get involved creatively or gain experience in helping us shape our festival.

Our volunteers have the very crucial role of being our social energizers and ambassadors, whilst helping to make the festival as awesome and safe as possible.

Roles range from; artists, skilled laborers, skilled-tradespeople, gardeners, administrators, creatives and everything in between.

Volunteer Opportunities

Senior/Retired Volunteers

Join the team or become a mentor to younger volunteers. This is a great opportunity for experienced people who like some responsibility or simply want to get out and about and become part of a larger community. Openings are available year round, or before and during the festival, depending on the commitment you want to make.

Experienced Volunteers

We need experienced volunteers for Team Leader roles and for managing high traffic areas during the festival weekend. Requirements: Work 2 x 6 hour shifts over the weekend.

General Festival Volunteers

Working the festival weekend in all manner of festival related roles. Requirements: Work 2 x 6 hour shifts over the weekend.

Site Prep and Creative Decor Volunteers

Working in advance of the festival on site assisting with the site preparations and decor. Gardeners, artists, trades-people and anyone who is willing to come on site and get their hands dirty. There are a variety of options when it comes to working on site.

Community Gardeners

Food is Free! On Tubby's Farm we have a large community Garden where we grow a wide range of food. We are constantly looking for year round volunteers to come and work alongside us and reap the fruits of your labour. Community Gardeners also help with year round site maintenance.

All time and skills spent volunteering with us will be greatly valued and you will receive weekend festival access as well as some other perks depending on your role. More importantly however you will become part of the greater Sunflowerfest Community and help contribute to the success of a wonderfully sociable and family friendly festival.

Sunflowerfest is a festival of positivity, tolerance, understanding and inclusion so it should go without saying that we are committed to diversity, equality and preventing discrimination. Everyone involved with the festival is expected to act in accordance with this ethos.

How to apply: Fill out a volunteer application form

For more information please contact:

Volunteers must be 18 years or older