Stages at Sunflowerfest

Main Stage

Each year, Sunflowerfest makes good on its promise to NI festival-goers by introducing them to a wide range of awesome acts on the main stage.

Local acts are given the opportunity to play alongside internationally-renowned artists on our biggest stage. Whether it’s arena-worthy rock or an unmissable audio-visual showcase, one thing’s for certain: Northern Ireland’s only 3-day festival of music and arts makes sure that the Sunflowerfest-faithful have something to be excited about.

Previous years have seen the enchanting natural beauty of Tubby’s Farm, transformed into a steampunk haven, a Viking settlement and in 2017 a city from a parallel universe. A big thanks goes out to our wonderfully talented and generous team of volunteers who work their butts off to create the magic.

Campfire Stage

With an eclectic range of music set in a compact natural amphitheatre next to the warm glow of the campfire this intimate setting is a firm favourite with our visitors and one of our most iconic venues.

If spreading out and relaxing on the blanket and sipping on a few cool ones is your idea of heaven then this is the spot for you.

Over the years Campfire Stage has been the scene of some truly memorable performances. Ursula Burns super talented harpist, raconteur and all round hilarious gal. Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer - he had the packed crowd hanging on his every witty word. Le Boom who this year just ripped it up and set social media chattering with their outstanding set. Not to mention festival favourites The Twisted Sisters; anyone who has not been part of the atmosphere during their performance have a treat in store.

Who'll steal the show this year? Come along and find out!


Inspired by the old Irish "Moot" where the village would meet to discuss and decide on local matters the ElectroMoot has morphed from spoken word, story telling, debate and poetry to a venue where the very best electronica, folktronica and all genres between are now debated and decided on the DJ's decks and on the dirt dance floor.

Stick around later on for the silent Disco where the DJ's will do battle for the hearts and moves of the late night shape shifters.

The double octagon shaped ElectroMoot was built 5-years ago from renewable pine logs from the forest at Jonesborough, near Castlewellan.

The Forest

Featuring the Forest Acoustic stage and the DJ "Nuthatch"

After a couple of years of behind the scenes rock clearing, stump removal and tree lopping, the previously inaccessible Forest was opened to the public in 2017. It has instantly become a popular addition the the festival by providing 2 amazing new performance spaces as well as improving the flow to the festival by connecting the main arena to the Pond Stage, Enchanted Glade and Sunflower Bliss area.

This year for a change of pace why not meander down the lane from Main Arena behind back stage and explore the beautiful sylvan setting that is The Forest. Chill out and recuperate at the oxygen enriched Forest Acoustic Stage or stroll a little further through the trees to the quirky Nuthatch DJ booth for some reggae, ragtime or more raucous melodies. Marvel at the madness of our weavers of wood who fabricated this cocoon like canopy from the winter's prunings. It is for sure a joy to behold and a great place to try out some new dance moves as you immerse yourself in the warm embrace of your own imagination.

Watch out for some special off the wall pop up mind bending performances too.

The Barn


The Sunflower Village


The Pond Stage


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